Jack Sutherland

Mirrored self misidentification delusion.

Nineteen years old, I'm here creating art and squeezing this tube of toothpaste for whatever I can before it runs out.

The Grandiose Machine.

Taking inspiration from Gustav Mesmer, I went to town and went round a couple of charity shops. Picking up; a suitcase, game controller, glasses, headphones, orange tubing, then some weird ultraviolet/infrared face tanning machine.

Once I got home I began to assemble this machine, having a basic concept in my head on how I was going to put it all together. Once I bought the game controller I knew I would have to create something which would be capable of manipulating reality.

Many schizophrenics hold delusional beliefs, beliefs about reality which however much evidence is against the idea they still believe it. I came across a delusion known as the Grandiose delusion which interested me. This delusion involves the individual believing that they are God-like, in which they believe to be omniscient and/or omnipotent. 

This machine is designed to allow the individual to manipulate his reality, allowing him to become God. With the glasses allowing them to see reality in whichever way they want, with the headphones allowing them to hear the voices of other individuals in their heads.

The thing I really wanted to get across to the viewer, is that upon first appearance despite looking odd, it is clear the machine has been put together with care. Then as the viewer notices the machine, it begins to look more nonsensical, but with the wires there, and the machine being assembled ‘correctly’ it shows that this schizophrenic individual has a basic grasp of what is needed to make this machine, but the individual parts haven’t been put together properly. I feel this is similar to the condition of schizophrenia, a lot of the time the individuals do have a basic grasp of reality, but then it tends to be altered in different ways to an extent where it is no longer true. 

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